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Below you will find some of the many comments our customers have sent to us.
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 Our property is sold! Thank You for the service. 
 Jim & Shirley S. 
 Springfield, MO 
 We have successfully sold our home thanks to your help! Please cancel my ad on your site and any related sites. 
 Christie R. 
 Kansas City, MO 
 Just wanted to commend you on this service. I have already had several responses to my ad for the home on Chestnut Ridge Road! This is a GREAT site! 
 Janice C. 
 Tri-cities area, TN 
 We have sold our home and would like to have it posted as such. I would like to tell you that we sold our home directly from your site. We had been advertising for about two months on (competitors site) and than decided to also add your website to our selling portfolio. In less than 30 days we sold our house through your website. Closing is set for 11/08/02. Very impressed and pleased and letting everybody know how and with whom we sold our property.  
 Carolyn C. 
 Charlotte, NC 
 We have successfully sold our home thanks to your site. Thanks for your help. 
 Doug S. 
 Colorado Springs, CO 
 This home is sold as of Sept.27th. This sale is the direct result of listing with HomesByOwner. We had in a 3 month period many phone calls and home visits due to your display of our add. The $ we paid to list with you saved us........over $14000. Thank you so very much for your service. You may mark the home as SOLD. Any testimonials you need just ask. 
 Larry B. 
 Green Bay, WI 
 We had a lot of inquiries and sold our home in three days. I saved over $11,000 by not listing this real estate with an agent. Am I happy? You bet!! 
 Linda R. 
 Anchorage, AK 
 Hello, Really like your site. It has been user friendly with fast responses. This is in comparison to other Real Estate sites I have viewed. 50% of the sites I selected, I "x'ed" out before the screen completed painting. Your first screen is very important. I don't like to have to search around looking for directions with in a site. Your tabs are very clear and a minimum of selections to get where I am going. The way your site allows for staging the picture selections is really super. If you did not see this technique somewhere first or yet, you should consider filling a copyright on that technique. Nice looking 'Feature House' you have there. Thanks for featuring my house that way. 
 Comer M. 
 Tampa Bay, FL 
 I need to report to you that this house has been sold - thanks to HomesByOwner! I should have let you know sooner. It closed 2/22/02. Pretty fast I think. The response was all from your web site. Thank you for a wonderful service! I have recommended you to a lot of people. 
 Peggy D. 
 Gainesville, FL 
 By the way - I loved using your service. It helped me sell my home within 30 days. I have since recommended it to many others! :) 
 Mary Ann P. 
 Atlanta, GA 
 THANK YOU....You should have great success...if I can do anything to help your cause let me know...I have a digital camera & would even take pictures for people for gas money, just to make this site go! And I found it exceptionally easy to list a house.. 
 Vera V. 
 Cedar Rapids, IA 
 Thank you so much. We have sold our condo and for the full asking price I might add. We had it listed on 2 internet sites and our buyer found it on HomesByOwner. We had advertised in the paper and had held an open house but it was your internet listing that sold it! You provide a wonderful service. Thank you again. 
 Karen R. 
 Holyoke, MA 
 I was with delight that your message was read. The listing was placed on your media site after reading the information posted there. Once one pays with a credit card, these days anyway, it is not uncommon to wonder if more care should have been employed in diligent investigation of a provider. At least in South Dakota, anyway. But getting back to you, your thoughtfulness in completely explaining what was asked for, and your kindness in your remarks, speaks highly of your service, and your attention to your clientele. Only on infrequent and rare occasions is a letter of commendation written concerning an email. However, in this instance, with your email, it is well deserved. Thanks again, Best personal regards, 
 Norwood B. 
 Sioux Falls, SD 
 I have sold my home that is advertised on your website, yet I can't remember my username and password to remove it. The ad is #XXXXX. Please remove it from your advertising. And THANK YOU for your website - it sure helped sell my home! 
 Sandra H. 
 Wonderful fsbo, I have sold my house! The family who has bought it saw it first at homesbyowner! This has really worked for me. They offered more than I was asking! This homesbyowner advertising has been a real powerhouse. Others who saw ads in the paper still went to homesbyowner to check out details. What a wonderful service you have provided. Your customer service staff has been wonderful too-- and very patient. Please mark my ad SOLD! And many thanks. 
 Lee T. 
 Kingston, WA 
 Thank you for a great website! I think you have the best for sale by owner website...very informative! easy to use! well organized! I hope you will continue to do a good job! Thanks again... 
 Roni G. 
 Columbia, SC 
 I just signed up for your service and was delighted with your quick response. The process was simple and you did what your advertisement said you would do. What a pleasure to do business with you. Your FSBO signs are up and the we've received our first call.  
 Joe B. 
 El Paso, TX 
 The property has been SOLD, papers were signed yesterday. I canít say enough good things about your company. I have told many people about your services and I told them I would highly recommend you. We had a lot of activity with your advertising and we are still getting calls asking if it is sold. The attorney you included with your package was excellent and made us feel very comfortable with the legal part of the sale. We did not get this kind of results or service from the real estate agent we had it listed with. 
 Ray S. 
 Salem, OR 
 Wow, what a site and the service from our representative in the Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington area was fantastic. I would recommend everyone try to list themselves before going to an agent. Thanks again for all of your help. 
 John C. 
 Burlington, ON 
 Our house has sold--2 days! Please make a note on the internet listing. If our sale does not go through, we will reinstate our ad.  
 V. Madison 
 Portland, OR 

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