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Who We Are

HomesByOwner.com has been the choice of For Sale By Owner professionals since 1995 and prides itself on being the oldest and most established FSBO Web site in existence. The company is operated by Wayne Strobel and his partner, Ken Hamric, and now serves more than half of the nation's For Sale By Owner magazine publishers and numerous other affiliates - offering clients national exposure coupled with local experts.

Our History

Started in 1995 as FSBOonline.com, the site was the first fully automated, database-driven and client-managed FSBO Web site on the Internet. Through providing sites to FSBO magazine publishers around the country, it quickly became the premier Web hosting provider to some of the largest and most successful FSBO companies in the nation. The site became HomesByOwner.com in 2002 and began licensing sites to local affiliates. These companies operate in their respective local markets, and HomesByOwner.com grants them exclusive rights to their territory on the national Web site.

Our Business Model

The concept of granting exclusive rights to local companies is the foundation of HomesByOwner.com. To the owners, it made sense to have local companies servicing sellersí needs in each market while HomesByOwner.com provides the technology and large-scale marketing muscle these local companies need. This unique structure resulted in the formation of the largest network of local FSBO companies in the country, one that is designed to serve both affiliates and sellers alike.

The HomesByOwner.com national Web site comprises approximately 685 metropolitan sites, with local companies operating approximately 200 of those. These sites are provided to affiliates, or licensees, at a low monthly fee, depending on the size of the market. Markets range in population from less than 50,000 for the smallest markets to several million for larger markets, such as New York City and Los Angeles. Sites are generally leased by four types of individuals - non-traditional real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, FSBO print magazine publishers and other entrepreneurs - who make a variety of services available to local sellers.

Sellers may seek additional support from licensed professionals during the sale of their home, and the locally licensed sites can provide that. Featuring a full range of products from zero commission Internet ad packages to full-service brokerage at reduced commissions, HomesByOwner.com offers something to meet every sellerís needs.


HomesByOwner.com is a top tier company, with prominence in major Internet searches for both general and geographically specific For Sale By Owner information, and the company only continues to grow.


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