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High Country, NC and the surrounding area
Advertise Your Home Registration

This page will allow you to create an account and advertise your home in the High Country, NC Metro area. If your home is located in a different area of the country, go to the National Site and select a different metro area.
User Name and Password
You can choose your own user name and password with which to login to HomesByOwner to update your information, so please choose something you will remember.
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If you forget your password, we will ask you the question you select from the list below. If the answer you provide at that time matches the answer you submit below, we will send your account information to your email address.
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Contact Information
The listing phone number is prominently displayed when a potential home buyer is viewing your listing. This should be the telephone number where you can be reached the easiest. Please include the area code.
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Listing Address
Enter the address of the property you are advertising:
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Search Location
HomesByOwner allows a home buyer to narrow the range of homes to view to a certain geographical area. Choose the city which is closest to your home in the City list.
Property Information
The following information is presented to a home buyer when they are viewing your advertisement.
Number of floors:

The next two fields, home size and acreage, are optional. If you decide to enter them, please use only numerals characters and a decimal point. Examples of valid entries are 1.5 or 1200. Examples of invalid entries are 1.5+ or 1,200.
Home Size (sq. ft.): (example: 1800 - optional)
Acreage: (example: 4.5 - optional - enter 0 if you do not want the acreage to show)

Please answer these questions with yes or no.
Does this home have a garage?
Does this home have a basement?
Does this home have any fireplaces?
Does this home have a pool?
Are you offering owner financing?
Is the home owner a real estate agent?
Are you willing to pay a real estate agent's commission
(will co-op)?

Property Price
Enter the price of the property you are advertising. Please use numbers only - no dollar signs ($) or commas (,). We will format the numerical number automatically before showing it on your listing.
Price: example: 179000
Property Description/Comments

The property description is your opportunity to tell the prospective home buyer examining your property why they should buy your home. You can enter up to 2000 characters.

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